In Consumer Refrigeration & Appliances Service, we take pride in having qualified, fully-trained professionals to handle your concerns for appliance malfunctions and maintenance. We have grown to be appointed and trusted by numerous property managers and business owners as their contractor for major appliance services. Our rates are of industry low and our services are top of the notch.  


Unlike many other appliance companies which focus on either appliance sale or service, we take care of both. This means when we are to present you with a quote, you have the option to select either repair or replacement option that better suits your need. Not only that, we also take care of all your plumbing and electrical problems. Essentially, we are the one company that handles almost every problems you may encounter in your property.


Please feel free contact us if you require further information regarding the services and prices.







What We Service:

● Dishwasher

● Garburator

● Refrigerator

● Coin Operated Laundry

● Walk in Cooler

● Dryer

● Hot Water Tank

● Stove

● Air Conditioner

● Freezer


● Fireplace

● OTR Microwave

● Wall Oven

● Bathtub

● Toilet


● Furnace

● Range Hood

● Washer

● Faucet

● Sink


#11 - 8385 St. George Street

Vancouver, BC  V5X 4P3

Mon - Fri: 9:00am - 5:30pm


Phone: 604-879-2925

Fax: 604-879-5381

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